Sunday, 22 September 2013

EDU 330 Elementary Mathematics (Pre - Reading)

From reading these chapters, I have realised that teachers and parents should have a positive mindset when they teach mathematics to their students and children. If they start with a negative mindset, the child will also have a negative mindset when they learn this subject. 

Nowadays, the Mathematical concepts are being taught even earlier. Children in pre-school are taught the basic mathematical concepts. They have to understand the concepts before they go to Primary school. If they do not know those concepts, they will struggle during their Mathematics lessons. 

There are 5 basic content standards for Elementary Mathematics. These content standards would be taught throughout their time in school.  While learning these, students will also learn the 5 basic process standards as well. These are important for the students to acquiathematicaknowledge.

There are many implications when you teach Mathematics. By knowing these implications, it will be easier to understand the methods of teaching Mathematics.
To learn a new concept, you have to understand it first. "Understanding is not an all-or- nothing proposition. To understand a new concept, you can use concrete materials. For example, to teach pre-school children about the concept of counting, we could use counters or items for them to do the counting.There are benefits in learning Mathematics. They will be able to learn effectively and recall things easily.

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